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    Chiara Lubich

The Art of Loving by: Chiara Lubich
250.00 “Chiara’s long life was a testimony to a way of loving that extends to everyone because it was so completely immersed in the love of God. It begins with people rather than principles, with relationships rather than rules. It is an art that transforms the artist.”

From the Preface by
Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I. Archbishop of Chicago

Holy Spirit
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Holy Spirit by: Chiara Lubich 350.00
Church by Chiara Lubich
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Church by: Chiara Lubich 350.00
Songs of Life - Focolare Song Book
Songs of Life 200.00
My Life My Prayer New City books
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Jesus Forsaken
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Mary by: Chiara Lubich 350.00
His Mass and Ours New City Books
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Unity New City Books
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Unity by: Chiara Lubich 350.00
Mary in 3D New City Books
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Mary in 3D by: Dennis J. Billy C.Ss.R 175.00
At the Junction of Two Seas front New City Books
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Travelling Inwards New City Books
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Meditations New City Books
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Meditations by: Chiara Lubich 175.00
Is God Calling Me New City Books
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Chiara Luce by: Michele Zanzucchi
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    Michele Zanzucchi

Chiara Luce, a girl full of vitality, but, suddenly, she fell gravely ill. And, strangely, moment by moment, a new life of light began to unfold for her. She was eighteen when she died, yet she had lived to the full.