A collection from among the numerous publications of Chiara Lubich

Edited by + Brendan Leahy and Hubertus Blaumeiser


Our life has meaning only in the Church, only within the Church (…). ‘That they may all be one’ (Jn 17: 21) was entrusted by Jesus to the Church (…) and our charism serves to reinforce this characteristic of the Church. Therefore, we need to journey through life with our soul in total unison with the Church.

Chiara Lubich, Malta, 1999


Chiara Lubich’s writings on the Church collected in this volume help us to reflect on an experience of Church that speaks of vitality and dynamic relationships. Her approach is clearly ‘charismatic’, both in terms of the role attributed to the Holy Spirit in the lives of all believers, and in terms of those particular gifts, called ‘charisms’, that God has distributed to the Church throughout the course of the centuries, always in response to the specific needs of each era.


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