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When a young life is tragically snuffed out of age 17, friends cannot but mourn the loss of someone who has gone too early. But when that life – no matter how short – has been lived to the full, it becomes an undying beacon for others.
this was the life of Charles Derrick Moats, an Afro-American who lived in Chicago’s black ghettos at a time when discrimination against blacks was at its worst. The ghetto he lived in was the very image of violence, hatred and despair. In that context, Charles still dared to dream of a world that was more just, where people loved one another, in spite of their differences. Together with a group of friends, including some ethnic whites, he bore witness to an ideal of a united world, an ideal that was to be achieved through a revolution of love. He lived – and died – for this ideal.
Charles’ story has inspired the production of a musical by the international performing arts group Gen Ross. Through Gen Rosso’s Streetlight – The Musical, Charles continues to live, to spread the ideals that the gave his life for, and to light the way for young and old alike.

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