Is God Calling Me?

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It is very much to be hoped that readers of his book will manage to catch the real meaning of its author, in all its inspiring freshness. It is not a scholarly treatise, but a new look at a vital topic: how each person can be true to his or her own real self.

Michel Pochet’s writing is full of practical suggestions, based on a long experience, and will give insight and help both to those are seeking to discover their own vocation and to those who are striving to guide others in making that discovery.

To find our calling is an essential step in the most challenging adventure we will ever undertake, the adventure of life.

Born in Province in 1940 from Parisian parents, Michel Pochet lived all his childhood under the hot sun and the ineffable splendor of Corsica. At thirteen, he wanted to become a painter. To help him develop his talent, his mother herself went back to painting, and he got acquainted with her intuitive and sincere watercolour technique, which he would never abandon.

At seventeen, he moved to Paris where he graduated with a degree in Architecture from the best French school. He continued painting, sculpting and writing poems, novels and essays, especially about the relationship between God and Beauty. Several of his books have been translated into Italian, Flemish, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Michel Pochet lives and works in Rocca di Papa (Rome).

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