Praying Advent

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Praying Advent can help busy souls prepare for the true Christmas season. The book is divided into four weeks, with a reading, reflection, and spiritual practice for each day. This month-long journey can beautify souls and awaken hearts to the presence of Emmanuel — God with us.

In Advent we celebrate that God has already come and that He is coming. Already encircled by infinite divine life and love, we try to awaken our souls to God’s vibrant presence. For many Christians, Advent and Christmas is their favorite season, yet they find themselves overshadowed with shopping, preparations for Christmas, unexpected snow and ice storms, holiday parties and endless other distractions. Although the tree might be decorated and the presents wrapped, Christmas sometimes simply falls upon us, our souls feeling woefully unprepared.

Joan Mueller, Ph.D., is professor of theology and Christian spirituality at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. A Franciscan scholar and writer, she has written eleven books and numerous articles.

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